Living Off-Campus
Finding affordable and comfortable accommodation in Hong Kong can be quite a challenge. Accommodation standards and rents vary considerably. However, rent is generally high by international standards and living space small.

The Off-Campus Housing Section (OCHS) of SHRL provides general assistance for UST students who are looking for off-campus accommodation. We hope the information will help you.
Find your accommodation
Students and HKUST staff can access our housing database in this website by clicking this picture or through "Accommodation Search" under "Find your accommodation. You will be able to search our housing database and see a list of offers without being registered and logged into an account.

Our database contains a wide range of offers of accommodation from landlords, and property agents.
Stay tune with our news and events
The Off-Campus Housing Section (OCHS) of SHRL organize activities to HKUST students regularly. It includes talks and flat visiting tours to facilitate students in searching off-campus accommodation.

Besides, multiple platforms such as Facebook Page, WhatsApp, WeChat have been launched to provide latest rental and event information to students.
Off-Campus Housing Info