Moving in & What's Next?

What should be checked when you first move-in?

  • Check the availability / usability / condition of:

    • Interior furnishing and electronic appliances;

    • Water supply;

    • Electricity supply;

    • Gas supply;

    • Internet service;

    • Doors, wall, ceiling and pipes;

    • Kitchen and washroom utensils and sanitary facilities.

  • Check if there is flushing problem, water leakage and drainage blockage.

  • Check if there is any outstanding payment of the water, electricity and gas bills

  • Report the damages to the landlord & ask the landlord to repair before handing over the property.

  • Discuss and confirm with the landlord on the responsibilities and charges for making good the defects upon check out.


Where to get furniture and other fittings?

Very often, the landlord will only provide basic fittings such as air-conditioners and kitchen equipments. Furniture items are usually not provided, though some may have basic items such as beds and wardrobes. Therefore, you may need to look for furniture and other household items for daily use. The below links, in alphabetically order, are for your reference.

Stores for new household items
Online platforms for used-items for sales or free collection
Internet service providers

*The above information is for reference only. The University is neither benefited nor responsible for the transaction made by individuals with the above parties.


Whom should I seek help for defects and damages?

  • Report to the landlord once you find any defects or damages.

  • Do not fix anything without prior consent of the landlord.

  • Liaise with landlords on the responsibilities and charges for making good.

  • Try to keep the flat in good order.