Rental Timeline

Many students may question on when they should start to find a rental property.

In Hong Kong, if you begin looking too soon, you could find the perfect place, then realise the landlord won’t wait a few months until you are ready to move in.  If you start too close to needing to move, you might struggle to find the right place and risk having to find short term accommodation before you secure your place. 

Firstly you should decide on your preferred moving in date. Depending on your condition, it can vary a lot and could be a period which might give you more flexibility. You may consider the following questions when deciding the dates. 

If you are a new student,

  • Will you need to visit university to complete your registration or join any orientation before ssemester starts?
  • Will you want to come earlier to explore various place in HK?

If you are a current students living in university halls already

  • When will be your current residency ends?
  • Will you want to have a couple of days allowing you to setup new place while still being able to sleep at university halls?

Below is the timeline example that may aid you to plan your house search. However, please note that it is for reference only, the time required vary depend on market.


3 months before move in

Start researching on the internet, read our housing guides, visit the areas, walk around and enjoy getting to know where you could live.

Besides, you could keep an eye on our housing notice broad,as well as market information, and gain a sense of what is out there in your price bracket.  Begin signing to email updates and compile a list of agents who offer lettings in your chosen areas. Put together your ‘wish list’ and your ‘must have’ list of property requirements.

2 months before move in

Start contact property agents and begin viewings.  Start filtering out areas and housing type you like and don’t like, then at around last 6-8 weeks before you’d like to move in only see properties that fit your exact criteria.

1 month before move in

Once you find a suitable property, negotiate the rent and tenancy terms with the property agent or Landlord. Get the credit and background checks completed (it’s for the agent or landlord to do this, but ensure they do it quick, so you have time to find something else if there are any issues)

2-3 weeks before move in

Perform your final checks, ensure you have a signed contract, an agreed move in date in written.  Arrange a time for the landlord or property agent to meet you on moving in day (or the day before) to go through all the checks before any furniture or belongings go into the property.

Move Day before move in

Once you are in ensure you complete your moving in checks and have the landlord immediately remedy any issues you notice.