Talk on Renting Off-Campus Apartments
Date :
04 Mar 2019
Time :
Venue :
Room 3598(near life 27/28)
Registration :
Registration Period :
22 Feb 2019 - 4 Mar 2019

1st session: Renting Off-Campus Apartment

The talk aims to familiarize students with off-campus accommodation hunting steps, lease signing, general rental regulations in Hong Kong, important things to note upon moving into a new place etc. 


2nd session: Be a Responsible Tenant

The talk aims to familiarize students with rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlord in Hong Kong, what to do when they have dispute with landlords. Several cases of landlord-tenant dispute will be shared by the agent as well. The part also aim to raise the awareness of keeping good

Following the talk, there will be  Q&A with agent and Staff Advisor. A set of housing information materials will be distributed to the participants. All students. particularly those with needs for off-campus accommodation or are planning to move off-campus or those who are already living off-campus are highly welcome and recommended to join the talk.